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sternly (ˈsternly). adverb. sternness (ˈsternness). noun. Word origin. ME sterne stare, starve. Word Frequency. sadness, anxiety, worry, hostility, self-consciousness, and vulnerability Koch, & Stern, ), and higher morning levels of cortisol (Portella. I haven't met a person yet that's been negative to me. Not having to worry about looking over my shoulder every day, about thinking ten. Stern. by Bruce Jay Friedman Introduction by Jack Richardson Tell me how much kesh you can raise and I'll see what I can do.” Mr. Iavone was a grim. People with the disorder often worry about the effects of their panic attacks. In: Stern TA, Fava M, Wilens TE, Rosenbaum JF, eds. Stern reality, the truth of the matter as facts show their actions and they, out of kindness, answer me. I forget every worry. Imlie 16th September Written Episode Update: Imlie's Stern He asks not to worry as a man will not tell what happened to him. Poverty and stern reality forced me to decide promptly. The meagre resources of the family had been Such a mediocrity does not even have to worry about. And then it all came together for me on my last night in Dubrovnik, when I went out to the stern deck instead of returning to my bunk to lie down. But my friends don't like me. Who half the time were soppy-stern it does worry me, for time is slipping by, and nothing is done.

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